COSMENA MAHAPATRA. has more than 13+ years of Post Graduate teaching experience. She has been working in Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies for the last 8+ years and is currently pursuing her Ph. D from GGSIPU, New Delhi simultaneously. Ms. Cosmena M is a double Masters – M.Tech IT and MCA from GGSIPU and has done her bachelor’s in B.Sc (IT&M) in E-Commerce. Her area of specialization is WSN, Cyber Security, and Networks.
She has won the best paper award in 2016 for her paper on SIEM Security and has authored many books and chapters in Springer, IGI Global, and EPFRA. To date, she has authored many WOS and SCOPUS publications– JWE (SCIE), JIM (SCIE), JARDCS (SCOPUS) namely. Her research Papers have received International Citations She is also on the review board of WOS SCIE Journals. Her Google Scholar Profile file is.

Currently, apart from WSN optimization which is her Ph.D. topic, Ms. Cosmena M is also working on Research Project – Talking Pen, which is the digitalization of Indians Spiritual texts in Audio – Text / Painting Format. She has also acted as a resource person for STEM Teacher Training and Data visualization through ML workshops.