Master of Computer Applications


MCA 1st Semester

Course NameSubjects
MCA 101Fundamentals of IT
MCA 103Programming in C
MCA 105Discrete Mathematics
MCA 107Computer Organisation
MCA 109Principles and Practices of Management
MCA 151Fundamentals of IT Lab
MCA 153Programming in C Lab
MCA 155Computer Organisation Lab
MCA 161General Proficiency – I
MCA 162General Proficiency – II

MCA 2nd Semester

Course NameSubjects
MCA 102Data and File Structures
MCA 104Object Oriented Programming in C++
MCA 106Operating Systems
MCA 108Database Management Systems
MCA 110Software Engineering
MCA 152Data and File Structures Lab
MCA 154Object Oriented Programming in C++ Lab
MCA 156Database Management Systems Lab
MCA 158Software Engineering Lab
MCA 162General Proficiency – II

MCA 3rd Semester

Course NameSubjects
MCA 201Theory of Computation
MCA 203Computer Graphics
MCA 205Java Programming
MCA 207Data Communications and Networking
MCA 209C# Programming
MCA 251Computer Graphics Lab
MCA 253Java Programming Lab
MCA 255C# Programming Lab
MCA 261General Proficiency – II

MCA 4th Semester

Course NameSubjects
MCA 202Design and Analysis of Algorithms
MCA 204Data Warehousing and Data Mining
MCA 206Advanced Computer Networks
MCA 208Object Oriented Analysis and Design
MCA 210Web Technologies
MCA 252Design and Analysis of Algorithms Lab
MCA 254Data Warehousing and Data Mining Lab
MCA 256Advanced Computer Networks Lab
MCA 258Object Oriented Analysis and Design Lab
MCA 260Web Technologies Lab
MCA 262General Proficiency – IV

MCA 5th Semester

Course NameSubjects
MCA 301Linux Programming
MCA 303Software Testing
MCA305Enterprise Computing with Java
MCA 351Linux Programming Lab
MCA 353Software Testing Lab
MCA 355Enterprise Computing with Java Lab
MCA 355Lab based on Elective - I
MCA 361General Proficiency – V

MCA 6th Semester

Course NameSubjects
MCA 302Dissertation
MCA 362General Proficiency – VI

Elective Subjects

ElectiveSelect Any OneElectiveSelect Any One
MCA 307Advanced Database Management SystemsMCA 323Operational Research
MCA 309Numerical and Scientific ComputingMCA 325Distributed Systems
MCA 311Software Project ManagementMCA 327Financial Accounting
MCA 313Multimedia TechnologiesMCA 329Organizational Behavior
MCA 315Mobile ComputingMCA 331Advanced Computer Architecture
MCA 317Artificial IntelligenceMCA 333Software Quality Management
MCA 319MicroprocessorsMCA 335Digital Signal Processing
MCA 321Compiler DesignMCA 337Research Project